Olena Semenyaka: National Corps at the 3rd JN Congress «REGeneration Europa» in Riesa

May 11-12, 2018, in the German city of Riesa, under the slogan «Your Homeland needs you!», NPD’s youth branch JN (Young Nationalists) held an annual international congress on the European future and the current challenges to Europe requiring a common decisive answer of European nationalist forces.

Apart from NPD members (Sascha Roßmüller, Jens Baur), the two-day congress was attended by representatives, speakers and guests from both Western and Eastern European countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia), as well as Russia. Overall, thanks to the determination of JN to generate an all-European alternative to the EU at the REGeneration Europa congress, organizers made sure to invite a new generation of European nationalists even from those countries which are traditionally considered «historical enemies» (Greece and Bulgaria, Bulgaria and Serbia, Serbia and Croatia, and so on). Also, for the first time, at the congress spoke Polish nationalists of Trzecia Droga (Third Way), a precedent previously unimaginable at the events of this kind.

But the most ambitious task undertaken by the congress organizers was giving a platform both to the Ukrainian and Russian representatives whose view of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was expectedly antagonistic. In spite of the traditional for NPD Russia-friendly course, as a young generation of German nationalists, JN proved to be a vanguard in this case, too, having invited to the congress members of Ukrainian National Corps, also for the first time.

Thanks to them, Ukrainian nationalists, who spoke at both congress days (Victoria Polunina and Olena Semenyaka), extensively highlighted the perspective of Ukrainian nationalists on the developments of the Maidan revolution, historical and modern causes of the armed conflict with Russia and assessment of Putin’s internal policies as witnessed by the Russian nationalists who fled to Ukraine after an outbreak of the war in the Donbas and have become a part of the National Corps movement. Besides, they established new international contacts and scheduled visits to them, invited NPD and other guests to the upcoming international events in Kyiv and talked in depth with the leadership of the party whose opinions on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict also vary.

Although a full title of the event, in fact, was the Congress of Free European Nations, the Russian side was represented by the Russian Imperial Movement as it was the only Russian organization known to JN that agreed to take part at the congress along with Ukrainian nationalists.

Continue reading at: http://reconquista-europe.tumblr.com/post/174074958921/national-corps-at-the-3rd-jn-congress

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